Purdue IronHacks

Hack for innovation and join the open data movement.


An Ironhack is a unique 21-day, 4-stage innovative hacking program for individuals who want to create impact from open data.
Participation is free. During the iterative hacking process, you will learn new skills, have the chance to learn from others, and receive feedback from Ironhacks experts! Turn your ideas into web apps that make data actionable and useful!


In IronHacks, you learn new skills, win prizes ($$$), get exposed to global tech companies, and win internships. Most importantly, you become part of a global movement of open data to make an impact in areas such as safety, health, or travel.


There are many ways to get involved. We are always looking for open data enthusiasts, UX experts, and partners that want to help define future IronHacks challenges. Check out and sign up for our upcoming hacks. But if you don't feel quite ready to sign up, contact us and we can help you to get started.

About IronHacks

Innovate with open data: Create a novel and useful web app with an interactive mashup that combines several (at least 2) open data sets into interactive visualizations.

Outperform and learn from others: IronHacks is a competition, but you also get expertfeedbackandlearnfromothers’work.

Hack and learn virtually. During the competition, you have access to an online forum where you can ask questions and access all the information, including your own scores at each hacking round. No physical presence is needed. 3 weeks prior to the hack, we offer tutorials on key technologies, from basics like CSS to D3.js to using the required APIs.

Gain fame: Improve your score along the way, build your reputation among other hackers, create a link with IronHacks sponsors, win cool prizes ($$$), and receive a certificate confirming your successful completion in the competition.

Upcoming Hacks Hacks Fall 2017

Gold IronHacks are for students enrolled in Purdue classes and our partner universities.

Black IronHacks are open to everybody, everywhere. You can only sign up for one hack at a time. Before entering the competition, you must complete a brief survey. There will be a 3-week boot-camp training where you can get familiar with key technologies prior to the competition. So, start early!

Purdue Gold
IronHacks Fall 2017

Start of boot-camp and contest: October 11th

  • This hack is for Purdue Polytechnic students enrolled in the following class: TECH499: Open Data Apps
  • Purdue Polytechnic Professor: Sabine Brunswicker
  • Challenge topic: Will revolve around safety, health, and travel.
  • You may register for this class on myPurdue now!
  • Download flyer

Purdue Gold
IronHacks Fall 2017

Start of boot-camp and contest: October 11th

  • This hack is for Purdue Honors College students.
  • Challenge topic: Will revolve around safety, health, and travel.
  • Instructor: Prof. Sabine Brunswicker
  • Stay tuned for more details
  • Download flyer

Gold IronHacks Fall 2017

Start of boot-camp and contest: October 11th

  • This hack is for Universidad Nacional de Colombia students.
  • Challenge topic: Will revolve around safety, health, and travel.
  • Stay tuned for more details!
  • Download flyer


Sign up now for your chance to win great gift cards, cool swag, and internships with major sponsors.

Best Solution ($500 Amazon Gift Card)

Winning Spirit ($250 Amazon Gift Card)

Community Spirit ($150 Amazon Gift Card)

Additional great opportunities


Our IronHacks follow a unique 4-stage process. In order to win a prize and qualify for a certificate there are few rules and guidelines to keep in mind! We are all about openness and community-think! Be part of it.

One hack per participant

To make this a fair competition, we only allow one hack per participant in the Fall of 2017.


Code of conduct

To qualify for the award, you need to be the originator & submitter of your app. Even though we allow you to reuse others’ code, your code should be written by yourself. Further, we follow the idea of openness and open source (you will learn more about it during the hack).


Iteration encouraged

Your first of four submissions does not have to be a shiny app. It is about getting started. A rough working prototype is fine to start off. The feedback from experts will help you to improve.

Follow the process

Our IronHacks follows a unique 4-stage process. In order to win a prize, there are a few rules to keep in mind. We are all about openness and communitythink. Be part of it!

Technical requirements

In each hack, the application should include at least 2 open data sets. Your application should be (mostly) written in JavaScript. For visualizations we ask you to use libraries like D3.js, etc.

Evaluation in four categories

Our experts judge your application in four categories: technology, user requirements, information visualization, and novelty. Stand out from the crowd.

Prior Hacks

Check out what prior participants experienced

FAQ’S About The Purdue IronHacks

Still have some questions or doubts? Here you will find some answers.

Purdue IronHacks has allowed people with no prior programming experience to succeed in the hack, and learn a great deal about how to turn open data into useful apps. So, it is for everybody with a willingness to come up with something cool.

No. All our training material is available via GitHub. We offer virtual meetings 3 weeks prior to the hacks. Once you have signed-up you will receive a google hangout invitation with bi-weekly meeting information. All hacking activities are online.

Yes, you must submit at least one application for each of the 4 hacking phases, otherwise you will not be eligible for the award. You will also have to fill in a survey prior to the start, and another after the hack (they are short). This project is sponsored by NSF.

During the hack, you have support from the community. The IronHacks forum provides immediate access to questions regarding rules and technologies to be used. Our experts will respond to questions within a few hours.




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Get in Touch

You can connect with us via phone, email, or just come to the Research Center for Open Digital Innovation, West-Lafayette, IN.

+1 765.494.2885
Seng-Liang Wang Hall,
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